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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  June 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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u.s. steel. >> i'm melissa lee, thank you so much for watching. meantime, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. . my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts right now. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." other people want to make friends. i just want to make you some money. my job, entertain, coach, teach, call me. 1800743 cnbc or tweet me at jim cramer. what do we hear constantly after these remarkable runs today?
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what's the operative question that defines this moment when the dow roared 98 points. the r and p err, s&p soared to time high. aren't we too complacent? hey jim, aren't we too complacent as it aren't the bulls way too smug? aren't they too positive, too optimistic and unaware of the risk this market poses? there's one hiej pruge problem this school of thought. you really need to have solid, if not overwhelming evidence that the facts warrant selling. you have to be able to look at the world and decide things are much worse than they appear. that is what keep tripping up those who raise cash because
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they think we are being too complacent. if you are worried about complacency then you really need a back drop that's not worth being complacent over. one that contains a massive amount of obvious but ignored risk. in other words, it's not a mistake for the bulls to be complacent if they also happen to be right. there in lies the dilemma people. because in this market, every time you decide to put your foot down and do some selling, because you think people are being way too complacent, you run into a wall of just unbelievably good news. take today. hey right we were supposed to be fretting. worried about the fed. is this the day when the fed issues the statement and the fed chair janet yell ien hold a pre conference.
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is the market ready for the rate increase or a low down in the fed's bond purchasing program. we were supposed to be on heightened alert. def com whatever. in case the fed makes a mistake. so let's stand this fear on its head. considering the recent flare-up in reflags and let's year's bond sell off. i believe everybody were anything but complacent going into this meeting. i think they were plenty worried. there was a heightened concern that something could go wrong and really bang down the market; sell, sell, sell. i think there was plenty of short selling ahead of the meeting and plenty of put options were being bought with people betting the market would get hammered because of something yellen might say or infer or an error she could make all within keeping with what happened last year. however when the fed released those notes, the 2:00 p.m.
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statement and it made a ton of sense. it's not bad signaling no big changes. when yellen calmed us about what she called the noisy inflation numbers in the press conference then everyone who had sold stocks ahead of the meeting probably wish they had been more dpl complacent. i bet the sellers wished she hadn't been so skeptical. she scrambled in to get back in the market at a higher price point before the fed meeting. they lost money on all of their shorts as the market exploded higher with the q and a with yellen particularly when she said about inflation. that she said inflation is peeking. the pessimism was not only unwarranted, but it hit the pessimists right before it hurt in the pocketbook. in other words s the
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nonbelievers got burned on the fed stake. think about to the morning when you woke up. you got pictures of a burning refinery and you thought oh, man how can i own a stock with a burning refinery. how many of you thought you would have bet about the market when you heard obama talk about turning iraq into the keystone pipe line of policies. nothing really happened. were the bulls too complacent or the bears too overly concerned. and then there were the warnings. i was worried about adobe and fedex. they are a big cloud play. they've become way too hot lately. how naturally would it be so disappoint. nobody wanted to be complacent about this high nie flier and
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then adobe had the audacity to blow away numbers hence the $5 rally. it seems like people weren't too complacent but they were overly concerned. how be fedex. nevertheless with the worries in commerce, maybe amazon was going to leave them. you may think that the 50% stock gain may be unwarranted. weren't you being too complacent. who in heavens name would be so certainly optimistic as to met with the bulls on this one such a big rally. when the company shoots the light out and shooting fedex up 6% today, that tells me the real problem was the sir fed of skepticism. what about the argument that stocks have moved up too much based on slight of hand tricks like inversions?
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break ups, spin offs, even rumors about possible changes? aren't people being too complacent about letting those gains rise? i wish i'd been complacent to pick up more points from the tie up than what has already been done. i wish i had been complacent to stick with wall greens. i wish i haven't been to skeptical to think that there's no way air products could stay up 8 after being up 8 simply on the announcement of a new ceo. i've always felt -- i'm a seasoned trader. i've always felt that the heightth surrounding a new product is never equal to the product itself. it's never as steak has its sizzling. a hedge fund manager to like to short a stock but it would be complacent to stay long. amazon, right. come on.
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when the phone came out the stock soared some more. too complacent, no. no cynical. you were too cynical if you sold plus i want one of these phones. so do you. i could go on and on about days like today. i keep hearing rumors about take overs in dr. pepper and snaple. same thing with anaadarko p petrole petroleum. we had big gains. but what happened today with loyal dam, the shot shot up another two bigs. just because stocks are going higher doesn't mean you're too complacent for sticking with them. you're not so cynical to believe that everything has to go wrong. to the victor goes the spoils. they don't take the spoils away
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just because the investor was being optimistic. let me give you the bottom line. maybe, just maybe the optimism isn't misplaced and it's the ultraskeptics that are wrong or if we don't want to use such a harsh term. how about this. the skepticism has cost you more than the opt mim. the optimism sent based in complacency, it's based on the facts. nick in georgia. >> what's up there, partner? i'm looking at it for the long term. what do you think of it? >> for long term, well, you know it's -- most people view it as a trade. let me think, you know, for long term, no. i like -- look it's like grks etat. these are the same kind of things. i said i like it at 16 because these are trades. let's not make them into intel. allen in florida.
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allen. >> jim you've given me almost a two bagger this year on gwpa. they own the medical marijuana space. the fda is likely to do kcannabs approvals. gw has got to have a ten year head start. big farma is going to want to own gw or partner with gw. can you get the ceo on the show. >> everybody said on twitter, you bagged us. the stock is in the 80s. if you can get some of the stock on that deal then you won it. why? because this drug works. we don't have anything in this country that is like it. i want to go to mike in florida. mike, mike, mike. >> hey, jim. a big hump day booya from miami,
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florida. >> given the current crisis in iraq and rumors. exon and bp evacuating stocks. the air lines seem unstoppable. >> i think intraday you get the sell off because there will be some guy on tv who will tell you that the world is coming to an end. i think the guys come in between 9:30 and 4:00. that's when you want to pick up air lines. when you see the number, they will be unbelievable. they are truly raising prices. the usa today story very positive today. it's not on optimism. it's based on the facts. in this market we're seeing that deep-seated skepticism could cost you more than optimism. on mad money tonight, the action down in brazil is exciting but not all that profitable. that's why we're doing cramer's cup. it has all the international winners with an added bonus of boosting your portfolio.
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tonight beer has become business business. plus, the deal in the leghealth care space conducted by a ceo and an energy play in its hands on every major energy field across the country. i got the scoop. stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of mad money, follow on twitter. have a question, tweet cramer #madtweets. or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something, head to mmad mo.
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>> we just can't seem to keep up with the frantic pace of the domestic energy resolution. thanks to the velocity of this change as well as washington's total lack of interest in what i believe may be the most important economic development of our time. the huge increases in oil production and natural gas
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production have had little impact in this country beyond creating jobs in a hand of states. three years ago north dakota was producing 300 barrels per day. at this time they were projecting this if everything wept right could double to 700 barrels a day maybe by 2016. fast forward just three years to this week. three years when we found out that north dakota's oil production hit 1 million barrels per day in aprilment it was supposed to take -- it tripled in three rather than six. in left california and alaska in the rearview mirror. it has brought unemployment in the state down to merely 3%.
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average wage earning brings home $90,000 a year. that's huge for north dakota. more importantly because the serge in production was completely unexpected and because this administration has a total hands off policy, this oil bounty has meant next to nothing to the country has a whole. we know now more than ever because we can see the price of gasoline in america is going to spike if the oil fields in southern iraq are taken over by the lunatic rebels of isis. why shouldn't it even matter? >> the infrastructure to make use of this new found oil isn't ready thanks to a combination of speed and disbelieve. 63% of their oil is shipped by the dangerous rail car industry rather than the pipe lines. you can build them pipe lines.
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the pipe line project requires thousands of workers to put many to work. because of a fractured political environment it now takes a tremendous politically to build pipe lines. the populace seems split between those who want it stopped in its track, by those who want limited pipe lines. they will just use a different means of transportation. the result is that we end up shipping it by rail. the rail is more dangerous than using pipe lines. not to mention more extensionive. and explosive. second statistic, because so few saw this revel augusolution com power system is completely wrong this this country. much more natural gas is being burned off or flared that is actually being use because there's no way to transport it. it is too expensive to store the
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stuff. the raring is a huge environmental problem. natural gas needs to be shipped by pipe shrine where it can be used. the pipes -- they don't have them. no wonder this is really -- 79% of north dakota's power comes from coal. can you believe that? they may have to import coal. the one bit of long-range play in the oil and gas industry seems to do during this per was to build refinery capacity that could handle the thicker oil from the tar sands. that's a big reason why iraq matters more than north dakota in the price of gasoline. and that was what keystone was all about. now it's going to china. of course some enviern. allists argue that it's a good thing. when gas is more extensive we use less of it. it also makes our country far less energy independent. thus making our problem in iraq
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much more problematic and necessary. no one in our government has sat down anyone in this industry and try to harness all of this natural gas. that's how thick the hatred is for fossil fuels. in the end north dakota gets a lot of jobs. oil gets lost in the system. the hard core oil and gas haters don't even seem to care about the trade off. that's where the 1 billion barrel mark means nothing to you unless you're looking for a job there. it's the worst energy policy that enviern. allists and short sided energy executives can buy. stay with cramer. [ both ] when we arrived at our hotel in new york,
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don't just visit new york. visit tripadvisor new york. [ male announcer ] with millions of reviews, a visit to tripadvisor makes any destination better. in celebration of the world cup now taking place in brazil, everyday this week, we're running a parallel competition cramer's cup. this is where we highlight the best stocks from the countries that look like the strongest world cup contenders and then on friday we will have our own version of the finals. now for the last two days -- those respected investors, we visited the netherlands. instead of talking about the coffee shops, i pounded the table on are unalever and royal dutch shell. while i have tremendous respect
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for the dutch who just beat australia in a five goal thriller. we move ontonight to another group that's kicking butt in the cup. the great mexico. you missed a spectacular performance for the mexican national team despite being given only a 14% chance of winning, they are tied by the odds makers in vegas. they were able to shut down neymar and holding them to a 0-0 draw. this brings mexico to 4 points. they also beat cameroon 1-0 on friday. with two shout outs in the mexican's team's pocket. why don't we talk about a company that i absolutely adore. to me it is the mexican soccer team of the stock market.
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i am talking about constellation brands. stz for you home gamers. the wine, beer, and liquor company. constellation is the last not actually based in mexico. they are headquartered in up state new york. will you give me some license here. thanks, i got no problem including it. this is three shut outs we got here as the company sells two great mexican beers modello and corona. constellation has racked up an amazing track record lately. it soared 87% last year. rallied another two% since the beginning of p2014. i think the stock is still relatively inexpensive given the superb growth. >> let's explain why the stock
6:26 pm
has been to hot and why it has more upside. why do you recommend stocks that are at all time highs? >> think corona, pacifico and modello and victoria. and then the game changer came last year after anheuser-busch, another great company known to you as bud acquired modello. but the antitrust division of the justice department -- they weren't going to let this happen to beer. no. they wouldn't let the deal go through. th so it was forced to sell modelo's u.s. beer business and constellation brand snatched it
6:27 pm
up last june. a total steal as bud had no choice but to sell for $2.7 billion. you could have made a ton of money recommending company that got justice department wind falls in this one. this deal gave constellation the other 50% of crown imports and much more because importing beer is not the same as making it. when constellation bought modell oh,'s business it also gave them total control of the brands. and most important, the freedom to develop brand extensions and innovations for the u.s. market. before this deal constellation was just buying bottles of modelo and krcorona and shippin it to the united states. that forced sale from bud has made such a huge difference. let's not forget.
6:28 pm
corona and corona light are the top two imported beers in the beer and light beer market. modello is number three. can you imagine this? after this deal constellation now controls roughly half of all beer imports into the u.s. isn't that amazing. plus acquiring the other 50% should give them a big boost. make no mistake. beer which currently accounts for 50% of the company's companies is indeed the future of constellation brands. in the most recent quarter in april, companies wine business -- which i used to think was good. i like that select robert mondabie for 18 bucks. svedka vodka had organic scales growth of 1% but constellation's beer business 13% increase in sales with modello in particular
6:29 pm
up 20% in the companies has only just launched its hispanic complain targeting digital and radio programming. if you have listen to the company they are a big love fest. you might have heard of them rolled out as draft beers. right now draft represents 2% of the company's beer sales. they think it can go to 10%. and as someone who runs a mexican restaurant, in brooklyn, i think that number could be too low. there's tremendous demand for bars to have molello and corona on top. beer is better out of the tap. it's more fresh and crucially, you can't sell bottled beer at many sporting events. it has to be out of the tap as glass is too dangerous. just imagine how big this could be if corona could gain entry
6:30 pm
into arenas. the draft part of the business is swoel but it's growing very rapidly. selling to stores increased by 35%. they had corona light on tap. i like it. it's in 35 u.s. markets as of march. the national roll out continues. constellation is expecting so much new demand for its beer that they plan to double the size of brewery in mexico. the company is also building a new packaging area and where house. that's going to smooth out the beer operation supply chain management which is key in the beer industry. as much as the stock has run over the past 18 months. i think it is underestimating the long term. this is the most frequently asked for drink. i'm not kidding. the company is expected to earn
6:31 pm
4.30 cent, got a 15% long term growth rate. i think it could sell for 23.5 times next year's earnings. that would make it a $103 stock. here is the bottom line. mexico is killing it in the real world cup. when it comes to cramer's cup. i think constellation is you now the sole importer of corona and modello beer in the u.s. i think the stock has a buy particularly into any weakness. ray, in oklahoma. ray. >> booya jim. this is rocking ray from the red river valley. >> say, ray, what's up. >> first time calling you. i just wanted to hear from you. i got a stock called vale. vale. i'm a little nervous about them.
6:32 pm
let me tell you why. iron keeps going down in price. brazil is a little unstable. because of that, there is a discount to the stock. i want to be very careful about it. i think it could actually kind of go anywhere. while you sit back and enjoy a cold one watching the world cup, i'm helping you make money in cramer's cup. we've got three contenders so far. we got the netherlands, we've got the royal dutch shell and unileaver. and in mexico, constellation brands still coming up on mad money, the turmoil over seas is making investment in energy. so why not look for the best biggest plays. and then i sit down with one of my bankable ceos who just closed a deal in the health care space plus give me the best you got. the lightning round is coming right up. stay with cramer.
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ermier today, i told you how our government has totally failed to keep up with the american oil and gas revolution but in a clear stien gnat invisible hand of capitalism really does work pretty well. our corporations have been all over the domestic energy room. i know i recommended it. tonight i'd like to introduce you to bas. basic energy services. a $1 billion oil service company that has seen its stock rally 71% to date. it has everything from completion, remedian servicing, even a bit of contract drilling. they were able to complete in a market dominated by others
6:37 pm
because bas has a lot of exposure to old fashioned vertical wells whereas the big three are much more focused on horizontal drilling. the newer method of getting oil and gas out of areas in a were once thought to be too difficult or expensive. all the areas with lots of oil and natural gas. meanwhile there's a big pick up in activity by private exploration firms given a major boost to the vertical drilling and pressure pumping markets. just this week basic energy services reported strong operating data for may. it also had a very positive analyst day may 29th. however the stock got slammed after they announced a secondary on behalf of banking part
6:38 pm
theirs. the stock dropped down to 26 in a single session could this be a buying opportunity? the stock has run so much up this year that it's too speculative. let's take a look at this with mr. patterson. >> jim, thanks for having me. >> well, you're in the sweet spot with it. i feel that we're the only place who believe in it but obviously you're in there for a full go. is it possible that mr. chef field is right when he says it may be the second largest oil field in the world? >> well, it's certainly possible. permian is the gift that keeps on giving. we keep finding more production and more zones to open up with the new frac techniques and drilling technology that has come across recently. it's certainly possible. >> why is it that the country
6:39 pm
continues to underestimate what we have whether it be the million barrels a day in north dakota or what could be an even 2 million barrel as day coming out of texas. >> why. i think we're just a quiet industry. we've been doing this for a long time the recent gains that we've had on production levels is quite extraordinary. it just hasn't been something that the mainstream really finds that interesting, i guess. >> that could be. well, mr. patterson, we've had tim brown from haliburton, he has been saying every time he come on our show he looks into the camera and he says we need more workers. how can you compete against haliburton to get workers where the unemployment rate must be so low everywhere you work. >> it's tough. it's a competitive wage environment for sure. we have to match or beat the
6:40 pm
wages with every competitor. we have to be competitive for wages wherever we operate. that's the name of the game. >> is earnings okay say out a couple of years because of that. are we going to start seeing margins squeezed because you have to pay so much for people. >> we're usually able to pass things like wage price increase -- wage increases and those input cost increases onto our customers through rate increase with really very little push back. so as long as we don't upset the dynamics of the industry and get all of the costs too high and margins get pinched too much for our customers, usually those kinds of costs can be absorbed easily. >> excellent. now i was looking at your map where you have a significant presence. i was noticing my source that i get a lot of stuff from is called rbn energy. they are saying it is time to start solving the mystery of
6:41 pm
scoop in oklahoma that may be scoop is much bigger. and i look at the map and you're there, too. >> that's right. a lot of our customers have had some pretty extraordinary production results there so far. we're definitely being asked to mobilize more equipment to the scoop and so we're meeting that demand and request from those customers. it's a growing area for us tl s there's no doubt. >> i know that there is a back lash. i understand that colorado may have something on the ballot which says it could limit drilling. are you concerned as someone who is extracting natural resources that can be used to make our country energy independent, are you concerned that there will be many moves on many ballots to block what you do for a living? >> well, it's definite a concern. any time there's added regulatory pressure on our industry, it's a concern. it can constrict our growth and really it can kill business to a degree. so it's definitely a concern. the one thing about our industry, i would say that we're
6:42 pm
pretty good at navigating our way around new regulation engineering our way out of those problems. i don't feel like it's going to be a big issue in the near term. in long term, i know we'll find a way to engineer our way around it. >> well, you got a terrific story. thank so much mr. patterson. the president and ce oh, o of b energy services, i got to tell you. i think companies like this are going to have many good years even though many people think they are one quarter away from being finished. "mad money" is back after the break. so i can reach ally bank 24/7 but there are no branches? 24/7 i'm sorry- i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? you feel that in your muscles? yeah...i do...
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drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches lets us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. experience a new way to bank where no branches = great rates. ally bank. your money needs an ally. seeing the world in reverse, and i loved every minute of it. but then you grow up and there's no going back. but it's okay, it's just a new kind of adventure. and really, who wants to look backwards when you can look forward?
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when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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it is time. it's time for the lightning round. are you ready? time for the lightning round. let's start with lee in california. lee. >> booya, from san diego. >> oh, man i'm thinking -- what
6:46 pm
do you got? >> what do i do? >> huh? >> i hope so. >> which one. should it come back up? >> i'm not sure. can my staff help me with what name that is. >> lynn is going high because it has a very good yield and oil is going up. i kick myself everyday about this one because it is going up and going up without me because i didn't like some of the things that happened there. >> let's go to mark in whiskon inn. mark. jim, my stock is diana shipping. dsx. what's the best way to invest in this company, the preferred, that pays north of 8% or the common. >> the preferred is cool. i got to tell you but it's so weird because the index has been going down down down and these stocks have been going up and up but i think the preferred is an
6:47 pm
interesting way to play it. >> let's go to donna in south carolina. >> how are you. >> i want your take -- i'm good. how are you. >> good. >> i would like your take on west wood midstream. >> interesting play. i like yours. let's to to mark in california. >> mark. >> what's up? >> i'm just moved into a building with an antenna for wireless broad band it is very faster than my old cable prod band. i checked with the manager and he said it's technology that comes from ubiquity. people are excited about it. people come back and say that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by tdameritr, a de. great fame. ghm
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every since interest rates started climbing again about a month ago. the high yielding real estate investment trust which investors have been treating as fixed income equivalents have been hammered. i think it's a good time to take a closer look at vtr. the health care real estate investment trust that owns everything from senior housing to skilled nursing facilities. medical hospital building.
6:51 pm
1500 assets. it supports a hefty 4.6% yield. the company is benefitting from some powerful demographic trends. the older members of the baby boomer generation are now in their late 60s. a lot of demand. the other reason i like them is because it's a consolidatoconso. most recently we learned the company is choiring another health care for $2.6 billion as well as selling our $900 million for senior livering seing cente canada. let's take a look at the chairman and ceo of ventos and one of my 21 cbankable ceos. >> good to be here. >> i just wanted everyone to
6:52 pm
hear this one number. deliver consistent superior total returns. 3430% increase if you bought the stock since 1999. >> we're in a great spot here. i think we are fueled by the ageing democrat oe g ageing demographic in the united states. domestically we can grow. it's a highly fragmented trillion market. we have a low cost to capital and a great team and a lot of great customers and we can continue to grow externally as well as grow internally. >> if it's such a fractured market. when i see companies going to k canada. it can be hard. the uk is a little far flung. do you need to go to these places. >> we don't need to.
6:53 pm
there's a trillion there. ohm 12% is owned by the public. it's very dynamic so lots of opportunities there. but i would say where we find other countries that have strong economies, that have ageing d o demographics that have evolved health care systems and where we think they provide future channels for growth we do want to establish beach head investments there. that's what we've done in canada and the uk. >> i like people to think long term. you guys think longer term than most. 144% growth by 2040 with minimum supply. >> we all know that the ageing demographic is very powerful. the demand is in inelastic for most of the services that are provided whether they are medical office or senior housing or skilled nursing. importantly the 75 and over people who make more than 50,000
6:54 pm
a year, they are growing by a third just by 2017. household incomes -- or household net worths tend to be 678,000. we have a wealthy ageing demographic here in the u.s. that is what is fueling our business success. >> that is important because people think they rely on the government. no. it's mostly private pay. >> more than half. >> i know your facilities. they are not cheap but that's because people want high quality. >> people do. our communities are mostly high barriered entry marketed. they are serving that upper middle and middle class senior population. that's a great strength as well. people need and want these services, i can say that. >> absolutely. now debra there's a piece that came out in may. goldman sachs, is bigger better? they are saying that the best performance lately is coming from the companies that simplify
6:55 pm
operations in spin offs. is this just faddish and what we really want to do is stick with the knitty. >> well, the health care reads are a diversified business model. i think that can we can't confu. investors sometimes do like pure play. they like pure play that have administrations. remember, ventsa is a financial company. what we do is raise money and we're an investment machine. when do you that your cost so capital is important and diversefication and skill drive down cost to capital. so our business model does benefit from diversification and scale. it has been well accepted by investors. i really do believe that the best way to deliver the consistent superior returns is on a diversified model. >> well, it's empirical that you have and being consolidators better than a company that maybe put together assets that don't operate under one roof and yours
6:56 pm
clearly do. >> exactly. and also having those different segments is a very under appreciated investment attribute because we want to be good capital allocators and make early cycle investments so we can move around the wheel and pick this segments at any given point in time that can be both creative and value yaeating. so that's very important to our over all return proposition, you've done a fabulous job. that's why i've featured you as one of the best 21 ceos. that's the chairman and ceo of ventas. it's rare that this stock is put on sale at all. when it's on sale, you have to buy it. stick with cramer. even when we cross our "ts" and dot our "i's", we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness with our auto policies. if you qualify, your rates won't go up due to your first accident. because making mistakes is only human,
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a pair of remodeling criminals make homeowners homeless and left houses in ruins tonight on an all new american greed. i like that red hat quarter. that they will inspire more cloud buying tomorrow. we have reinstated the philadelphia phillies record why? because we're getting closer and
7:00 pm
closer to .500. look at st. louis here we come and atlanta, take that. all ryiight. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for >> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... he's a consultant to con men. >> the greed, the greed, american greed -- you want to talk about american greed? the american greed was... without boundary. >> narrator: the brains behind one of the largest scams in history. before it's over, he'll lead federal agents on an international chase, changing locations and identities. deal maker shalom weiss doesn't hide in the shadows. >> the guy is such a flamboyant character. he's big and he's bold and he's brazen and he's loud. >> he was attracted to lights, women, music, gambling. >> narrator: are these the fatal attractions that will do him in?


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